Did this attention grabber, grab your attention?!

Hi, I’m Simon Thompson, welcome to my personal website! Within 5 seconds of landing on this website you’re probably thinking who’s this guy who loves himself?! And if you’ve even read this far I’m impressed, as it’s a fact that on average 40% of all web users exit the website they are visiting within 5 seconds of landing on it.

So unless you’re a particularly fast reader, you’re now one of the 60%! Did you know the majority of online users only access one page when visiting a website? And did you know that site visitors only have time to read a quarter of the page content they are on? It’s vitally important to make every page engaging or you’ll lose people before they even take the time to find out about you!

So, about me.., I’m very much a visionary. I come up with multiple new business ideas on a daily basis and love thrashing them out to review their potential. I actually find it hard to stop thinking out new business opportunities! I love turning ideas and concepts into real workable businesses that help people achieve what they want to do, whether that be to find information, buy something, or share something. In my view it’s very rarely the 1 big thing you do that makes the difference, it’s the 1,000’s of small improvements you do that make all the difference!

I’m best known for Co-Founding AccommodationforStudents.com
from my bedroom whilst at university. I’ve since had experience in multiple other business sectors including air conditioning, fancy dress, fireplaces, recruitment and venue finding! I love meeting fellow entrepreneurs and discussing new business ideas. So if you’re working on the next ‘big thing’ and are looking for advice or help, please do get in touch!